“I came to my first retreat not knowing what to expect…sort of hoping for answers to some questions with which I was wrestling. What I am discovering is an ever-deepening community that loves and supports the essence of who I am, and helping me discover that.

This process, a way of life – this returning to retreat once a season to be in community for this transformative work of listening to and honoring each others’ souls – is one I hope to continue in my journey. It is indescribably valuable to be able to share this journey so deeply and intimately with others.”

Kari Young

“Our outdoor country wedding was so beautiful and relaxed at the spacious and beautiful Picflores. We incorporated river walks, hikes and yoga classes as part of our weekend celebration.”

Lisa Whistler

We had such a great time using Picaflores for a night of music. Everyone prepared food in the wonderful outdoor kitchen, ate together, danced under the stars and spent the night using the wonderful facilities on this beautiful river front property.”

Brent Alan